1 Lake…3 Days…4 Championships!

KBF Partner Championship Defers to All-American Kayak Classic

The 2020 KBF National Championship is not the only event affected by the current worldwide response to a. This post gives a high-level overview

  1. KBFNC has been rescheduled to Wed-Fri, Oct 7-9.
    • Lake Guntersville, Guntersville, AL, hosted by Marshall County, AL Convention * Visitors Bureau
    • HQ location and Lifers’ Lounge locations are changing.
    • KBF is working with the venue host, which is coordinating closely with state and federal authorities to create an optimum experience for KBF Members.
    • KBF Bonus Bucks/Big Bass Brawl is on; sponsorship and amounts are in flux and will be locked in ASAP.
    • Final day cut to top 100.
    • Awards Friday evening.
  2. KBF TRAIL Series
    • The KBF Pro Tour has been merged with KBF TRAIL Series. All former Pro Tour events are now 1 day. KBF Members who paid $75 Pro Member dues (and Lifetime KBF Members who paid the discounted rate of $25) are eligible for a $25 dues refund. Those who do not request a refund will receive 2020 KBF Pro Tour t-shirts and decals by mail. Details will be provided to Pro Members as procedures are worked out.
    • All TRAIL Series tournaments scheduled for March/April are postponed and will be rescheduled, if possible. The status of May events depends on travel advisories/restrictions in place by then. We’re making contingency plans now.
    • TRAIL Series Championship has moved to Lake Guntersville, Wed/Thu Oct 7-8.
      Awards ceremony, including Regional AOY and national AOY & ROY will be awarded Thursday night, and 2021 Dee Zee The TEN roster will be announced.
  3. KBF Challenge Series
    • All events going forward as scheduled.
    • Championship concurrent with TRAIL and National Championships, Oct 7-8 on Lake Guntersville. Awards Thursday night.
    • Special incentives and awards. See “KBF Challenge Cut-line Award” below.
    • KBF is also improving your odds of Championship qualification through Challenges. We started out the year awarding 2021 KBF National Championship and 2020 KBF Challenge Series Championship qualifications to just the top 10%. Now we’re increasing that to the top 25%.
      That means, in a KBF Challenge with 5 registrants, just the competitor who finishes in first place will qualify for both Championships.
      At 6 registrants, the number goes to two, and then to three at 10, four at 14, five at 18… The number of qualifications awarded increases by one with every for additional registrants.
  4. KBF Top Team Cup Challenge is stil a go. Teams may withdraw and receive full refunds, but we expect most to let their registrations ride and more sponsors, clubs, and teams to enter through the 2020 season. One 5-person team will win the Top Team trophy and title, will share $10,000 cash prize, and will appear on TV show episode as Chad’s guests.
  5. KBF Partner Championship has been Cancelled, with KBF’s full support thrown to the All-American Kayak Classic on Truman Lake, November 7.
    • Kayak bass fishing clubs across the U.S. qualify your top members and send them to Missouri to compete in that event.
    • KBF had committed $5,000 to the KBF Partner Championship, and we are now donating it to the All-American Kayak Classic.
    • We encourage every KBF Partner to participate in the All-American Kayak Classic.
      KBF also planned to put $5 from every 2020 KBF Ambassador Membership into the KBF Partner Championship prize fund. That growing fund will now go to the KBF Challenge Series Championship, as described in the KBF Challenge Cut-line Award.