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7 Tips for First Timer Kayak Tournament Anglers

by Chris PayneChris Payne on Facebook

Kayak bass fishing tournaments, eh? Looks like fun. My buddies are into it, and I can beg, borrow, or buy a  kayak and basic gear, so why not give it a shot! But where to start? Chris Payne of Payne Outdoors lists seven items or practices that are guaranteed to get you off to a good start in “7 Tips for First Timer Kayak Tournament Anglers.” [Photo: Charles Crews]

The Beginner’s Guide to Kayak FIshing Tournaments

by Will Pfingst Will Pfingst on Facebook

Kayak Bass Fishing and Competitive Kayak Bass Fishing have a lot in common. Making a distinction between the two will increase your enjoyment and chances meeting your objective in either. In this article. In “The Beginner’s Guide to Kayak Fishing Tournaments,” KBF Member Will Pfingst lays a foundation for success in competition.

Tactics for the Four Styles of Fishing Tournaments

by Henry Veggian Henry Veggian on Facebook

Every kayak tournament angler who approaches competition with a game plan (or two) increases his chance of leaving with a check in his pocket. Carolina Kayak Angler and writer Henry “Hank” Veggian’s “Tactics for the Four Styles of Fishing Tournaments” breaks the challenge of creating a winning strategy into bite-size chunks that will benefit both novice and veteran. [Photo: Michael Ernst]