Series Adapting to Travel, Assembly Restrictions

In response to the rapidly-changing landscape, KBF has made several changes in its Realtree Fishing KBF TRAIL Series presented by Dee Zee.

  1. All KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments scheduled for March and April have been postponed to later dates, if possible. KBF is now working with sponsors, KBF Partner clubs, and venue hosts to work out alternative dates and locations.
  2. Event dates after April are unchanged, for now.
  3. KBF is investigating “going 100% virtual” and doing away with the post-competition report-ins and group awards ceremonies. Instead, we will increasingly rely on TourneyX’s “Check-in/Check-out” feature to verify that competitors are safely off the water, and to find their launch sites if they fail to return in a timely manner.
  4. With Pro Tour events converted to TRAIL Series Tourmanents, the number of competition opportunites has increased.
  5. Regional Finals for all six regions have been converted into two-day “SuperTRAIL” events. There is no qualification requirement to fish a SuperTRAIL, as there had been for Regional Finals.
  6. 900 KBF AOY Points will still be awarded at SuperTRAIL tournaments, decremented by 7.5 points with each step down in rank (900 for 1st, 892.5 for 2nd, 885 for 3rd, 877.5 for 4th, etc.).
  7. KBF AOY/ROY ranking will be based on one’s top three KBF TRAIL Series tourament scores (600 max each, 1,800 max for all three) plus one SuperTRAIL score (900 max) and the Championship score (1,200 points max). Total possible AOY points is 3,900 points. Ties are broken by Championship ranking.
  8. Regional AOY will be based on the top two TRAIL Tournament scores plus SuperTRAIL score, all in that region. Maximum possible points is 2,100. Ties are broken by SuperTRAIL ranking.