Realtree Fishing KBF TRAIL Series Presented by Dee Zee

OVERVIEW — KBF Members can pit their skill against other kayak bass anglers in regional tournaments. KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments and SuperTRAIL Tournaments are qualifying events for the 2020 KBF TRAIL Series Championship October 17-18 on the Red River, Caddo Lake and Cross Lake near Shreveport-Bossier City, Louisiana. That’s the same place and weekend as the KBF Challenge Series Championship and the location of the 2021 KBF National Championship

Entry fees for KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments and Regional Finals are $100 and include a big bass competition, the KBF Big Bass Brawl. The KBF TRAIL Series Championship Entry Fee will be $150.

2020 KBF TRAIL Series Tournament Payouts are represented by a chart on this page. After TourneyX, PayPal, and admin fees, 100% of the Entry Fees will be paid out at each event.

KBF Big Bass Brawl at each KBF TRAIL Series Tournament pays out $50 per hour ($100 for Hour 1, the “Golden Hour”). The rest of the Big Bass Brawl fund is distributed 50% for 1st, 30% for 2nd, and 20% for 3rd in Brawl ranking. Big bass prize money is within reach of every competitor at each KBF TRAIL Series Tournament.

2020 KBF Angler of the Year Points will be awarded according to performance to every KBF Member who registers to compete in TRAIL Series Tournaments. First Place earns 600 AOY Points, Second place 595, Third 590, and so on, dropping by 5 points with each step down in rank. 120 points is the minimum awarded to any Active Participant. If one registers but doesn’t compete, 60 Registration AOY Points are awarded.

2020 KBF Angler of the Year and Rookie of the Year national ranking will be the sum of:
• Top three (3) scores from 2020 Realtree Fishing KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments (800 points max at each, totaling 1,800 max, with 5-point decrement per step down in ranking)
• One-and-a-half times Points from one 2020 KBF TRAIL SuperTRAIL tournament (900 points max, with 7.5-point decrement per step down in ranking)
• Double points from the 2020 KBF TRAIL Series National Championship (1,200 points max, with 10-point decrement per step down in ranking)
Ties are broken by 2020 KBF TRAIL Series Championship ranking.

For Regional AOY, the total AOY Points from each competitor’s top two (2) Realtree Fishing KBF TRAIL Series Tournament finishes (1,200 max) plus up to 900 AOY Points at the SuperTRAIL comprise each competitor’s score. That’s three events per Region. Ties are broken by SuperTRAIL ranking.

2021 KBF-NC Qualification — KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments are qualifying events for the 2021 KBF National Championship. One qualification will be awarded to the top 25% in rank (rounded to the nearest 4), with a minimum of ten. No roll-downs if awarded to one who has previously qualified.
• up to 41 Registrants (rounds to 40): top 10 places qualify
• 42-45 Registrants (rounds to 60): top 11 places qualify
• 46-49 Registrants (rounds to 70): top 12 places qualify
• 50-53 Registrants (rounds to 80): top 13 places qualify. etc.

KBF TRAIL Series Championship Qualification — KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments are qualifying events for the 2020 Realtree Fishing KBF TRAIL Series Championship, too. Qualifications will be awarded to each KBF Member who finishes in the top 25% in rank (one for every four registrants), with a minimum of ten per event. No roll-downs if awarded to one who has previously qualified.

2020 KBF TENvitational Qualification Realtree Fishing KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments are qualifying events for the 2021 Dee Zee KBF TENvitational. Qualifications will be awarded to KBF Members finishing in the top 10% in rank (one for every ten registrants), with a minimum of 3 per event. No roll-downs if awarded to one who has previously qualified.

KBF BONUS BUCKS – TRAIL — KBF Members who enroll in KBF BONUS BUCKS are eligible to win cash bonuses at each KBF TRAIL Series Tournament.

Bonafide Kayaks, Columbia Sportswear, Dakota Lithium, Native Watercraft, Native Watercraft, and Feelfree bonuses are awarded only in at tournaments in the KBF TRAIL Series Regions they sponsor. All the other bonuses are avaiable at every tournament in every Region.

If registered in the KBF BONUS BUCKS – TRAIL program, the KBF Member finishing in First Place can add up to $2,400 in bonuses to his tournament winnings. That’s $500 in KBF cash and $500 in Realtree Fishing and Dee Zee cash, $500 from Torqeedo, $200 from FishUSA, and $100 each from Bending Branches, Diatract, Ketch Products, NRS Fishing. ProTechNet, Dakota Lithium and YakAttack.

Second Place can pick up $250 and Third Place $120 in bonuses from KBF if registered for the 2020 KBF BONUS BUCKS – TRAIL program and he can double that if able to present a photo taken on tournament day of the BONUS BUCKS decal featuring Realtree Fishing and Dee Zee on his kayak. (Those decals will be mailed to each KBF BONUS BUCKS registrant.)

Note: KBF BONUS BUCKS decals featuring Realtree and Dee Zee logos will be mailed to KBF BONUS BUCKS participants and will also be available at KBFNC Event Sign-in and KBF TRAIL Series Tournament Captains Meetings. BONUS BUCKS participant must present photos, taken on day of competition, of qualifying items or a receipt screenshot, in the case of FishUSA purchases.

KBF BONUS BUCKS–TRAIL | Realtree Fishing | Dee Zee | Bonafide | Columbia Sportswear | Feelfree Kayaks | Dakota Lithium | Native Watercraft | Torqeedo | FishUSA | Bending Branches | Ketch | Diatract | ProTechNet | YakAttack

Mystery Bass BONUS BUCKS — This special opportunity for KBF BONUS BUCKS–TRAIL participants starts at $50 and grows with each TRAIL Series Tournament until claimed, and then it starts over at $50.
1. KBF uses Research Randomizer to generate a Mystery Bass score from 15.00″ and 24.00″
2. Next, a competition hour (1–8) is picked at random.
3. Tournament officials check photos to see if one matching the Mystery Bass score was submitted during the randomly selected competition hour. If one is found, then officials check to see if the competitor who submitted it is a KBF BONUS BUCKS–TRAIL participant. Ties are broken by earliest submission time. If the competitor who submitted that photo it is enrolled in KBF BONUS BUCKS – TRAIL, he’s awarded $50 (or the amount to which the bonus has grown by that event).
4. If no BONUS BUCKS competitor wins the Mystery Bass bonus, the bonus rolls back and is added to the next TRAIL Series Tournament’s bonus. Last year, that got up to $150-200 in a few cases. If there are two KBF TRAIL Series tournaments the following weekend, that accumulated amount is up for grabs at both of them. The number keeps climbing until claimed…possibly all the way to $1,400 by the last KBF TRAIL Series Regional Final.

Berkley Cast for Cash — Realtree Fishing KBF TRAIL Series is one of the circuits picked by Pure Fishing to award cash to Berkley. KBF Pro Tour and the KBF National Championship are also participating tours and events. Events must have twenty or more participants to award prizes.

At each KBF participating event officials will confirm the CFC membership status of competitors who finish in the top ranks. The highest-ranking CFC member who has Berkley decals on his watercraft and at least one rod rigged wtih a Berkley lure will win $150 from Berkley, and the second highest $100. At the KBF TRAIL Series Championship, those awards increase to $500 and $250. Not only are CFC Members eligible to win cash, but they receive a Pro Pack with four lures of the member’s choice plus other Berkley swag. [Learn more] [Berkley program overview] [Pay the $29.99 membership fee to get started.]


Who came up with this year's schedule?

The 2020 KBF TRAIL Series Schedule came about as a team effort by KBF Staff working with Convention & VIsitor Bureaus (CVB, for short), KBF Regional Coordinators, and KBF Partner Tournament Directors from across each region. We also worked with officials of other circuits to minimize scheduling conflicts. Our goal was to distribute the events by date and geographically to maximize KBF Members’ opportunities to participate.

Can anyone fish a KBF TRAIL Series Tournament in 2020?

Well, yes…but only if he becomes a 2020 KBF Competitor or KBF Lifetime Member. Non-members must pay their KBF Competitor Membership Dues (and KBF Ambassador Members must upgrade to Competitor membership) by midnight before competition to be eligible to register and win prizes.

Ambassador Members may use this discount code to receive $25 credit  for their earlier $25 dues payment: KBFMEM25

Why are there no TRAIL Series Tournaments in my state?

KBF Members live in 46 states and three Canadian provinces, and KBF will run only 23 KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments and six SuperTRAIL events in 2020, so there aren’t enough events to go around. Some states have two, but they are as widely spaced as we could get them. For example, Loudon Lake and Kentucky Lake are both in Tennessee. Potomac River at Stafford and the Mid-Atlantic Region Smith Mountain Lake SuperTRAIL are both in Virginia. and four West Region TRAIL Tournaments are in Califormia.

Can I compete in more than one region?

Yes, you may, and regardless of region, your top three AOY points rankings contribute to your KBF Angler of the Year standings.

For example, if Kim lives near Kingsport, Tennessee, where three regions touch, and fishes three TRAIL events (one in the Southeast Region, one in the Mid-Atlantic Region, and one in North-Central Region), his AOY points total will include points earned in those three TRAIL Series tournaments.

What is the minimum number of registrants required for a KBF TRAIL Series Tournament to "make"?

There’s no minimum.

Are KBF BONUS BUCKS awarded at Realtree Fishing KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments?

Yes. $2,400 in KBF BONUS BUCKS cash bonuses are available to be distributed among competitors finishing in the top three, providing they’re enrolled in KBF BONUS BUCKS-TRAIL and can present a photo taken that day of the BONUS BUCKS decal on their watercraft. In addition, there’s a Mystery Bass Bonus worth $50 at each TRAIL Series Tournament, and if it’s unclaimed the amount grows in subsequent TRAIL events.

Must all AOY Points be earned in the same region?

No, not for the national KBF AOY and ROY race. The points a KBF Member earns at his top three-scoring KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments in any region count toward his national KBF AOY Points total. 

Does the payout vary with the number of registrations?


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