TRC Covers is a company has a long history of direct support for the kayak fishing community, so don’t expect an unbiased product review here. The basic fact must be stated: TRC Covers not only sponsors Kayak Bass Fishing, it also supports local clubs and trails. And it has done so since before that was the trendy or lucrative thing to do.

That reason alone merits attention and praise, but it has to be backed with a quality line of products. Kayak anglers are a detail-oriented community. We use our gear in demanding conditions, we travel far and wide to fish or compete in crazy places and we need our gear to function because storage space is limited in kayaks. In short, we demand quality products that we can rely on.

Our rods, reels and lures are the most important gear we own after our boats and safety equipment. We pick the rods with care and match them with reels and tackle, so it only makes sense that we protect them with the best accessories. This is where TRC’s line of rod and reel covers, as well as its new line of lure covers, really shines. We’ll begin with the oldest, most familiar product they make, and then move on to the newest.

TRC Rod Covers

I first became aware of TRC’s rod covers in 2017, when the company donated prizes to my local KBF Partner organization, Carolina Kayak Anglers. I noticed that anglers were using the covers more frequently, too, but my name was never pulled in the door prizes, so I didn’t win one. Jump ahead to the KBF-FLW Cup in 2019. Every angler who qualified received a coupon for a free TRC Cover, so I grabbed the opportunity to try one. Very few manufacturers rewarded the presence of kayak anglers at the big event – TRC did.

When I presented myself at the TRC booth, one of the company reps asked if I wanted a cover for a spinning or casting rod. I asked for a spinning cover, because that was my primary rod in the event, and when he handed it to me he kept talking, asking where I was from, which event I was fishing, and then he wished me luck. I was impressed by the personal touch, despite the busy booth.

That impression never changed. In fact, it has grown over time. TRC invests in kayak fishing, and kayak angler invest in the company. But it’s not just the personal touch.

Most big brand rod covers are made with a loose mesh of nylon with only a cheaply sewn ridge of plastic at the tip. Rod guides poke through the mesh, the tip eventually frays and splits, and neighboring hooks tend to get caught in the loose mesh next door. If they last a season, you are lucky.

I have fished about 50 tournaments since 2019 and traveled tens of thousands of miles with my TRC covers. The one I got in 2019 is as good as the day it was handed to me in Hot Springs, and it has not once tangled a line, let a guide through its mesh, or caught a hook. The reinforced rubber coated tip is as solid as it was on the day it was made.

In the first place, the mesh used by TRC is tightly woven. This gives it tensile strength that prevents easy poke-throughs. Second, the mesh is rubber coated at both ends, forming a solid surface. At the bottom, where the cover is most likely to be near a neighboring rods hooks, that solid surface prevents tangles and hooking. Finally, the cover’s tip: it too is coated, extending several inches from the top. The rubber coating protects rod tips where they are most likely to wear out and break.

From top to bottom, TRC rod covers are durable and reliable, they prevent the majority of common problems and they protect rods from the casual wear and tear that creates problems over time. They fit snugly, too, and are available in a variety of sizes to match the most common rod lengths.

Additionally, TRC covers are color coded and easily distinguishable, and TRC’s product line includes standard rod sizes, custom sizes and also covers for ice fishing rods.

To browse the rod cover product line, click here. Don’t forget to check their overstock and bundle options, too!

TRC Reel Covers

I’ve always wondered why more anglers don’t use reel covers. A nicked bail arm on a spinning reel can fray a line and a bent spike on a drag control can interfere with the handle, to name two common problems. Additionally, dust and dirt can build up during travel and storage, penetrating gears and creating grit that inhibits functionality, exposed line can suffer from sunlight, etc. With all of their moving parts, reels require the most maintenance and protection.

TRC Bait Caster covers

TRC offers a line of reel covers for both low profile bait casters and spinning reels. Their neoprene material is both sturdy enough to protect reels and soft enough so that reels stored close together won’t be damaged or dinged in motion. The Velcro wrap is also easy to use, too. I like to think of each reel cover as a cozy for my coffee cups: it’s essential gear, and they keep the reels warm and ready for when I need them.

When combined with TRC’s rod covers, the reel covers prevent further tangling of reel components. How many times have you had to twist a reel handle out from under a bail arm or found a nearby rod’s line pinched between the drag control and handle of a bait caster? Use a TRC reel cover, and that problem is gone.

TRC Lure Covers

We have covered rod and reel covers and this latest product completes the trifecta of TRC covers anglers should use. It is a lure cover, and I wasn’t aware that TRC made them until recently. I own many different brands of lure covers, and while some are reliable, I found that very few function for almost every need. Additionally, some are complicated to use, and most are made of opaque material you can’t see through. If you have many rods and rod covers of identical or similar colors and sizes, that opacity can make it hard to tell which lure is on which rod.

TRC lure covers come in both Large and Small sizes. The large size is a hefty 9” by 5”, capable of covering most big baits. The small size is 7” by 5”, and each uses Velcro strips to close when wrapped. This is critical: in this design, a lure’s hooks have no fabric to dig into on the cover. Additionally, the wrap is transparent and made from a heavy grade of marine vinyl: you can see each lure, and its hooks won’t pierce it.

Note however that each lure cover is custom made, so there is a slight delay when ordering, as manufacturing takes a bit longer. Trust me, it is worth the wait.


In sum, TRC’s product line of rod, reel and lure covers offers a complete scale of options for protection of your equipment. The products are American-made, durable and they deliver on the protection they promise. In addition to its line of high quality cover products, TRC’s long history of sponsorship and material support for the kayak fishing community should convince you to try their products. They have been there for kayak anglers, so your purchase isn’t only an equipment sale, it’s a way of thanking an American company that has supported our sport.

To shop TRC’s product line, click here:

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