Sunday night’s guest on Scott Beutjer’s Weigh-In was 2019 KBF Angler of the Year Rus Snyders of Nashville, Tennessee. At the 2019 KBF TRAIL Series Championship at La Crosse, Wisconsin, Rus wrested first place from a field of top 10% competitors from across the USA, besting 2nd place finisher Josh Stewart by six inches in two days of competition. Had Rus competed in KBF Challenges last year or in KBF’s Pro Tour events and qualified for those two concurrent championships, his score of 185.75 inches would have made him KBF’s first Trifecta winner… Challenge, TRAIL and Pro Tour. [Watch on Facebook]

While Rus’ name may have been unfamiliar to KBF’ers in most parts of the country—at least, up until last October—when he walks up to a kayak tournament’s registration table, those who have seen him in action figure they’re now competing for second place.

Should be interesting to see if what Josh says on this Weigh-In episode. He’s fished against Rus more than any other The TEN competitor. Whether he’ll admit it or not, Rus may the one man that rattles Josh’s confidence on the water.

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