At Bienville Plantation in 2017, Ron Champion (GA) and Cory Dreyer (NC) wrapped up Day 2 of The TEN with 195.00 inches on the NRS Leader Board, 4.25″ in front of their nearest challenger, Jamie Denison (NC). Both Cory and Ron were crowned Champions. But when two alpha males come away from Kayak Bass Fishing’s “top gun” event sharing a title, something’s missing…braggin’ rights? The solution: mano a mano rematch at the following year’s event. [Watch on Facebook]

That’s how Ron and Cory found themselves squaring off at Bienville Plantation the next January; not only to compete for the title of 2018 The TEN Champion, but to settle their unfinished business.

That year, Cory put four bass on the Board on Day 1 while Ron posted one. Even though Ron dominated on Day 2, finishing 3.50″ in front of Cory for the day and 9.00 inches ahead off third place Jody Queen, he was unable to fill the Day 1 hole he’d dug for himself.

Cory, too, staged an amazing Day 2 come-back bid for First. When the clock ticked down to zero, he found himself before Ron in the standings, which settled the braggin’ rights issue. He also came within a quarter inch of tying Jamie Denison’s 149.75 inches for the top spot.

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