Welcome to KBF,

First, let me start by thanking you for your support. Our mission at KBF is to provide opportunities, resources and an educational foundation for the kayak bass fishing community. Your support enables KBF to invest in initiatives that benefit kayak anglers today while ensuring the future is bright for our sport.

Our focus is to serve the Community, improving Opportunities, developing Resources and providing assets for Education at all levels and skills sets.
I am dedicated to working tirelessly to position KBF as an organization that represents our ideals and community interests while also aligning with other conservation organizations to help further their efforts.

For 2021, we launched our KBF College Series to provide opportunities for more college anglers to get involved in fishing through their school or university by providing a series that offers a lower barrier to entry, reduced operation cost and room for more anglers on a team or teams at each school. We are also laying the foundation for the KBF High School Series to follow very closely so that we may engage high school anglers for all of the same reasons, while also using the platform to provide basic fishing fundamentals and educational opportunities regardless of whether the angler chooses to fish competitively or from a kayak.

Whether you intend to compete, enjoy the camaraderie or simply learn from the articles, blogs and videos that KBF generates, I would like to welcome you to our family and challenge you to join forces with us to help make it even better.

Chad I. Hoover
KBF Founder/President